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Let us understand the process and basics of Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Development is the process by which the applications that are pre-installed or installed from any other medium is developed for mobile devices. For such development, this application requires a network of connections to work with.

Mobile development services are now an indeed task which is necessary for all the business. As a part of this development process, mobile UI design is also important for developing mobile apps.

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As per the market, there are two dominant platforms for mobile app development, one is the IOS platform founded by the Apple company which are available on the iPhones and another one is Android which comes from Google that is available on many smartphones are in partners with Google.

With similar requirements for the development of devices, iOS platform services are exclusively for their own devices only whereas Android services apply to all the companies’ smartphones that use this operating system.

The Mobile Application- Front-End and Back-End

In the development of the mobile application, the front end is usually a visual and interactive part that is designed for the user to experience. There can be an icon or something that represents the can be shown when you download the software.

Depending on the size of the app, many members of the team are involved in making the mobile application that looks good for its user. Therefore, if a user searches for this application, it will make him feel a little better and understood regarding the fonts and layouts done on the site.

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As compared to the front-end developers, back-end services are usually accessed through a variety of different other applications that are put into use to build or update the mobile application that is may not be visible for the user but have the maximum impact.

The back-end is usually involved in the storage of the data that are written to make sure that these programs work completely well for the user side. This part of the application is not accessible or comes directly in contact with the user.

Now for building the mobile application, there are four major development approaches to be followed:

Native App Development

The term native app development is generally involved with the building of mobile applications specifically for a single platform. These apps that are built using different programming languages and tools are related or works only for one platform.

These apps are known to provide the best services to all the users and experience some best performance regarding the functions they provide. Many benefits are using this app development as they are now being put up by many companies.

Advantages of Native App Development:

  • Broad Functionality:

You can have access to the API tools that are provided for the platform. That means there is not going to be any limitation for the developers to work on the programming for developing certain applications. This makes it an open platform for every developer to make changes in the codes that are written.

  • Better Store Support

These apps are usually easier to be published and generally ranked higher in the platform’s app store. Due to their better performance and speed, they are preferred by many developers as it gives better storage support.

  • Increase Scalability

Apps that are built for native development are available according to the array of tools that are being used. This increases the chances of more computing processes of different sizes and data.

  • High Performance and Great UX

It has been proved that the native app development tools have shown some better UX that performs well for the developers that are involved in the development as there will be direct interaction with the codes.

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform application is written in a variety of different programming languages, the apps that are built here are capable of working in different platforms. While cross-platform development, you are indeed saving a lot of time but also there are chances of losing the quality of the services.

For using cross-app development tools like Xamarin, Flutter etc. are generally used to create apps that can be operated on both iOS and Android devices. As of now, many start-up companies will favour more cross-app development to get an advantage in time and are less costly.

Advantages of Cross-Platform App Development

  • Single Code Base

The app is created by the developers using only a single base where only one code base is required eliminating the additional works. Thus, making it easier and less time-consuming.

  • Less Costly

As compared with the native app development, these platforms are generally less costly and for the new start-ups, you can save money on the development investment. You are now hiring a single person instead of the whole team.

  • Faster Development

For development purposes, only a single cycle of development is required to create an app that runs on different platforms. The users will be able to use these apps more quickly if made on cross platforms.

Hybrid Web Application

A hybrid web application includes the combination of both native apps and web-based applications. Once they are downloaded, it directly connects to the mobile application provided through the browser which is generally present in the app.

Hybrid web apps are written with common programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS etc. They usually come with the bundled app installation for the developers to work and apply on the packages which are beneficial for them as now they have to write only one code for the mobile app and still accommodate on different platforms.

Advantages of Hybrid Application

  • Function ability whether the device is connected or not
  • An embedded browser to improve access in the online content
  • Faster build as compared to other native apps
  • New updates and patches can be launched easily


Progressive Web Application

Progressive web development utilises the use of service workers and other web platform features. This platform features many combinations that provide a progressive enhancement to give its users an experience similar to the native apps.

PWAs offer a different approach than the traditional method that is involved in the making of apps for mobile devices. They can operate on both iOS and Android platforms. The changes or development are done in the apps without any requirement of installing patches or updates.

Advantage of PWA

  • Designed for the easy and fast response for the users
  • Is applicable for both mobile and web-based development
  • Accessible through URL
  • No downloads required or any installation of new packages

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