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LinkedIn Marketing Services

Our LinkedIn Marketing Agency can help you with LinkedIn Lead Generation, LinkedIn Ads Management and LinkedIn Content Marketing. At GrowthSalad, we pride ourselves in delivering tailored LinkedIn Marketing Services to our clients across the globe. There are no surprises in the process as everything that goes out, on LinkedIn, is reviewed by our clients.

How LinkedIn Is Different

Being Best LinkedIn Marketing Company In India, we ensure that target audience consume quality content through our LinkedIn Marketing Services. Decision makers prefer authentic relationships on LinkedIn.

With flood of automation & AI tools, personalization is now a necessity. As part of our LinkedIn Marketing –  Outreach Strategy, We ensure zero automation outreach. 

How We Are Different

For Lead Generation on LinkedIn, our LinkedIn Marketing Company studies human behavior & tailor our messaging based on past interaction. For new interaction, we hyper personalize our outreach & deploy our best copywriting to reach out to decision makers.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Company in India helps businesses in in achieving B2B growth on LinkedIn.

Our Proud work

Our LinkedIn Marketing Case Studies

We have created a significant impact on sales development for client’s services and products. We understand that every business is unique & that’s the reason we prepare a tailored LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for our clients. Here are our recent case studies:

Case Study # 1

AI based Customer Experience SaaS

Generated leads via LinkedIn – organically + and via Ads. Managed Ads spent over INR 10 lakhs in total.Created content for the Co-Founder’s profile company page in German – Long form, carousels, and LinkedIn Article. Created whitepapers on AI-based Customer Service.

Case Study # 2

Machine Learning & Data Science

We have generated 100+ leads in less than a month through LinkedIn Ads, with considerably lesser ad spent, surpassing the target set by the client. We have created multiple LinkedIn whitepapers for their different service offerings.

Case study # 3

Virtual Manpower Solutions​

Our client was in Virtual Assistant Industry and looking to generate business globally specially from United States. We have not left a stone unturned and helped our client with a working LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. Over time, our LinkedIn Marketing Company in India worked on increasing the response rates and thereby helped our client in getting quality leads.

Case study # 4

Public Listed Thread Firm

Our client is world’s largest textile thread and performance material manufacturer based in United Kingdom with significant monthly Ad spend. We have reviewed the previous LinkedIn Ads and provided recommendations to the Marketing Head. We created fresh LinkedIn campaigns – improved the quality of leads and increased the inflow of leads at the same time.

Achieve Organic Growth on LinkedIn

Achieving organic growth on LinkedIn involves fostering genuine connections, sharing valuable content, and engaging authentically within your network. By consistently delivering meaningful insights and building relationships, businesses can organically expand their reach and visibility. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are often used in social media to add emphasis to your blog or post. Similarly, this can be used to boost your marketing strategy for the better.

Using appropriate hashtags for your post can gain you some positive responses from the audience other than that putting too many hashtags should be avoided, that could make things messy and could ruin your whole setup.

It is recommended to balance between relevant and popular hashtags and be specific regarding what you are presenting or selling on your post.

Do not always chase for the greater searched hashtags as it can sometimes reduce the required engagement but with the specific ones you are narrowing your audiences whom you might have been looking for.

Create Post of Varying Length

We know the importance of short posts with minimum wordings with catchy content have been suggested as per many sales strategies, but it is also important to have such detailed posts about your business in your profile too.

This helps for a better understanding for the people who are now looking up to your business profile to know about your work and how they can be part of it.

Therefore, both short and long wording posts are essential. If you are posting short posts then it is nearly impossible to put your whole content in that part and also there is the chance that you might miss your key information which could ruin your profile. But along with these detailed posts you are expressing your business in the right way.

Stay on Radar

You might have succeeded in achieving your audiences through the best content on blogs that you have posted but now it’s more about keeping your customer to for a longer duration. In the later aspects of the business, these clients will help us to improvise and develop several more strategies as per their reviews.

Those who have been with this business or have been the oldest customers can be provided with several discounts on your items or anything that could favor their stay for a longer duration. Also, these types of activities are well received by other audiences or customers too as a result of which you might also get increments on new customers.

In a much simpler way, we can say to use LinkedIn marketing for getting favor revenues in business, you have to put your brand out there and create the required engagement regarding it. Provide details that are innovative and effective enough to make your customer understand what services or products you are putting about.

Creating a vital relationship with the customer can play a major role as key for your business to grow because, in the end, it is going to be them only who will bring you many more new customers with positive reviews about the blogs that were posted on LinkedIn.

Know When to Use LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Page

Both LinkedIn Company Pages and profiles serve different purposes on this website, if used effectively you can get a better response to your business. LinkedIn pages can be followed without any request or approval.

This page also doesn’t establish a personal or direct connection to an individual hence should be used by the user to showcase them to an individual who can directly know about your business and requirements.

Whereas in LinkedIn Profile, you can make use of pages to establish that private and one to one connection between your employee or buyer.

This skill is considered a more practical way of approaching the digital market on social platforms like this. Our LinkedIn Marketing Company in India can help you with LinkedIn personal branding.

Keep Publishing Consistently

The whole digital marketing is always in perpetual motion; it never stops. So why stopping on posting content, consistently posting articles or blog posts regarding your business can always appear in trend for the ones who are looking up to your profile or pages.

Stick to whenever you are posting your content, whether it is every day or once in a week or even a month, being consistent about it will build trust with your customer. Observe the best time during your posting where you can get maximum engagement for your target audience.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Company helps you with content creation in advance & helps you with consistent postings

LinkedIn Ads

If you would like to gain quick returns & you have the budget to take your LinkedIn Marketing to next level, LinkedIn Ads/LinkedIn Marketing Solutions can help your business gain Brand Awareness & Lead Generation. Our LinkedIn Marketing Company in India can help you with your LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns.

LinkedIn Ad formats

Sponsored InMail

If you would like that your message should directly reach the inbox of your target audience, Sponsored Inmails are best.

Though there is no separate notification triggered on users’ inbox when they check their inbox for other messages, they will find your Inmail. If they are interested, they will accept your InMail and initiate a conversation with you.

Considering the ROI, Sponsored Inmails perform better than other Ad formats.

Our LinkedIn Marketing Company in India can help you design well-crafted Inmails.

Conversation Ads

Sponsored Inmails offer a single call to action for users. To enhance the user experience, Conversation Ads offer different “call to action” options (up to 5) to increase click-through rate & response rates.

The purpose of this Ad is to drive conversation & give the user the power to choose more options to initiate a conversation with the advertiser.

Since the purpose of this Ad to drive conversation (just like chatting with your lead in the real world), messaging text is capped up to 500 characters.

Followers Ad

Followers on any platform depict the authority & scale of your business. While the organic following is gradual, LinkedIn Follower Ad helps you to gain targeted followers in a short amount of time.

Depending on your budget, you can gain followers on LinkedIn & be authoritative.

Cost-wise, followers Ads are best suited for mid to large-scale businesses.

Text Ad

LinkedIn audience consumes a good amount of compelling textual content. This Ad format offers you to run an Ad with engaging headlines with crisp descriptions.

You also have the option to complement your Ad with a relevant image. You can write a headline up to 25 characters & a description up to 75 characters.

Dynamic Ad

Automation on Personalization! – A dream come true

Wait Wait.. LinkedIn has something to offer.

Personalization is the key to generating quality leads and Sales. Based on user profile information, LinkedIn Dynamic Ads are personalized to users & help your business with improved covers ion rates.

These Ads appear at the right column of your desktop window on LinkedIn.

Image Ad

People scroll through their feeds at a very fast rate and getting attention is very difficult with just text Ads. A thought-provoking visual can do the magic & can eventually help in generating conversions.

There are people who love crisp information presented to them in a hyper-creative & innovative way

If you have well thought & a great image illustration of your offerings why publish it to a wider audience?

Carousel Image Ad

Do you have multiple offerings or products & you would like to present together in a single Ad, Carousel Image Ads are best.

If someone is not interested in one offering, they might be interested in another one & can eventually become your customer.

You also have the option to complement your Ad with a relevant image. You can write a headline up to 25 characters & a description up to 75 characters.

Video Ad

Would you like to tell a story relevant to your offering? Video Ads are quite engaging.

The length & breadth of video content consumption can be accessed through the significant amount of video content people consume on platforms like YouTube & Instagram.

For a LinkedIn video Ad format, You can include a video ranging from 3 seconds to 30 minutes.

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you want to generate HIGH-QUALITY LEADS at a lesser cost, LinkedIn Sales Navigator should be your go-to option. It’s a cost-effective yet powerful solution to generate & nurture leads on LinkedIn

If you want to choose your own audience & don’t want to depend on the LinkedIn automated algorithm, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is great for prospecting & eventually generating Sales.

I hope we have covered significant information (LinkedIn Marketing Solutions) that a business would look for. In case you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to Contact us, and Our LinkedIn Marketing Agency in India would be glad to help you. We don’t use any automation tools for outreach & thus help protect our client’s LinkedIn accounts.

Our Offerings

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation

  • Tapping on the organic business opportunities on LinkedIn
  • Outreach via tailored messages
  • Outreach via public comments
  • Outreach via LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Hyper Personalized messaging to prospects
LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads

  • Running Lead Generation Ads to reach out to relevant Audience
  • Running Ads to increase the followers of company page
  • Running Sponsored Messaging Ads for Paid Outreach
  • Running Conversation Ads to have an interactive messaging
  • Running Ads for other objectives as deemed necessary
LinkedIn Page Management

LinkedIn Page Management

  • Increasing Company Page Followers organically
  • Posting consistently on LinkedIn
  • Implementing the relevant hashtags in posts
  • Designing post around Client’s services

Why choose us as your LinkedIn Marketing Agency?

Years of Experience

Years of global experience with lead generation via LinkedIn.

Competitive niches

Experience in lead generation for competitive niches.

Diverse domains

Experience with broad to niche industry domains – Travel SaaS, Manpower Solutions to AI 

Thorough Research

Research-based methodology for LinkedIn Marketing.

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We’re dedicated to propelling your LinkedIn Marketing Initiatives

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