Facebook and Instagram Marketing

engage with users and increase your Online Presence

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tailored Social Media Strategy

We help client with tailored social media strategy post understanding their business and doing competitive intelligence. We ensure good aesthetics while creating content – Facebook/Instagram posts, reels & stories

We prepare a comprehensive Social Media calendar which includes services/products, festivals & International/National Days to engage with the audience

Thought Provoking Content

Content Strategy is very important for Social Media Management. We give a lot of thought/do research while creating content & craft a content which helps in invoking human emotions & connect with audience

Our Digital Marketing Agency monitors Social Media Trends and evaluates the trends a business needs to adopt or reject.

Adopting relevant trends helps a business engage with current followers & subsequently gain new followers over the time

Organic Marketing

Our Facebook and Instagram Organic Marketing includes  :

Paid Marketing - Advertising

Our Instagram & Facebook Advertising includes :

Why Facebook and Instagram Organic Marketing?

  • Facebook Organic Marketing is one of the part of Social Media Marketing & every brand is harnessing the power of social presence & engaging users through great & thought-provoking content.
  • Video consumption has significantly increased over time & will continue to rise in the year 2022 as well. Video Marketing is gaining traction fast & brands are using hypercreative video content & engaging users.
  • With the launch of Facebook (now Meta) Reels,  user retention on app has significantly increased & offers a great opportunity for businesses to connect with people & generate enhanced brand awareness. Instagram also has a reel format & consumption of reels is significantly higher than other form of content.

Why Facebook and Instagram Ads ?

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads are helpful for the brands that are looking to generate immediate brand awareness, leads or sales.
  • Since the organic following is gradual, Facebook Sponsored Ads can help brands to run Page Like campaigns which will help them increase followers in less time.
  • Facebook Lead Generation campaigns are very helpful for service industry businesses & prove to be a good source of revenue for SABs. 
  • Facebook Conversion Campaigns not only help businesses to generate website leads but also e-commerce purchases online. With rapidly growing e-commerce industry, Conversion Ads prove to be very effective for generating online purchases. With the new iOS update, its very important to verify if the pixel events are set up correctly.
  • With the latest RBI guidelines, every brand needs to update their Facebook Ads payment method to continue running Ads
  • While many small business owners rely on boosting posts but it has been noticed that these campaigns are of little help considering ROI. 
  • Although Instagram is owned by Facebook and Instagram Ads are pretty much managed through Facebook Business Manager, it do offer opportunity for brands to create Ads through Instagram alone & run on the platform
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