LinkedIn Marketing Courses & Free LinkedIn Certification Courses

Here is the list of LinkedIn Marketing Courses & Free LinkedIn Certification Courses to help you grow in 2022.

We have compiled a list of LinkedIn marketing Courses along with Free LinkedIn Certification Courses which help you enhance your knowledge on B2B Marketing. Mastering the art of LinkedIn marketing isn’t any straightforward deed. If you wish to spice up your revenue, you would like to use this social networking platform properly.

Even if you’re a marketing professional or a business owner, there’s continuously one new thing always to discover. Not to mention that your competitors continuously try to find ways in which to boost and stand higher than. therefore, if you wish to rise thereto challenge, you’ll be able to learn from these LinkedIn marketing courses listed below. If you’re a beginner, there are many basic concepts you would like to learn: putting in and optimizing your profile, automating your LinkedIn reach etc.

Most of the courses we have mentioned in this blog are free (free trial for a month by LinkedIn Learning).

B2B marketing

For B2B marketing companies trying to leverage LinkedIn, these are a few good courses by experts on LinkedIn that will help you enhance your B to B marketing knowledge. Here are few prominent LinkedIn Marketing courses under B2B marketing strategy:

You can learn these courses for free with the help of a LinkedIn one-month free trial.

Link to other B to B Marketing courses on LinkedIn: Click here  

The sophisticated marketer’s guide to LinkedIn

You can opt for this handy LinkedIn selling course if you wish for a good launch area for LinkedIn selling. This course is formed of instructional videos from victory world content creator Alex Rynne. This LinkedIn Learning Course will teach you everything concerning the way to bring home the bacon your goals on the social networking platform.

Link: Click here

Social Media Marketing Foundation

Everyone is capitalizing opportunity of social selling to achieve their business goals. However, to succeed here, you would like a solid set-up and a correct selling strategy. This course helps you produce your own social media selling strategy. The trainer for this course is Brian Honigman, business executive of Honigman Media. The course teaches entrepreneurs the way to get the foremost worth out of content selling, SEO, and social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Link: Click Here

Writing to be Heard on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for content marketing as a result of its user base loves business articles. Therefore, if you wish to point out thought leadership, you would like to figure on your content. The difficult half is rising higher than the ocean of content that’s already flooding LinkedIn. Therefore, if your goal is to be detected on LinkedIn, this course on LinkedIn is for you.

Link: Click Here

Learning personal branding

Knowing the way to stand out from the remainder of the competition is significant for your LinkedIn success. Learning Personal branding may be a course that’s choked with recommendations on the way to develop your distinctive personal completeness. The course teaches you ways to be authentic, genuine, and consistent while delivering your company’s message.

This LinkedIn marketing course explores your personal complete from a content selling framework. This suggests you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned concerning content marketing and apply it here.

Link: Click Here

Growing your small business with LinkedIn

Perfect for small business homeowners, this course can assist you to grow your business mistreatment the restricted time and resources that you simply have. LinkedIn can play a big role in your growth, as a result of this powerful tool works with firms of all sizes. Learn the way to use all the free tools obtainable to you thru LinkedIn.

Garrick Chow shows you ways to attach with shoppers and fellow tiny business homeowners, and prospects therefore you’ll be able to take your business to the following level. Chow works because the Senior employee’s pedagogue at LinkedIn Learning. He can teach you everything from optimizing your LinkedIn profile to changing leads.

Link: Click Here

 Business Storytelling

Prospects and leads love an honest story. That’s why your complete ought to replicate your story as an associate enterpriser. Turning into a good storyteller can improve your marketing efforts in each method, and this course teaches you ways to try to simply do that.

Award-winning content creator C.C. Chapman shows you ways to chop through the fluff and deliver charming stories that may flip leads into loyal customers.

Link: Click Here

Content marketing foundation

A well-crafted content selling strategy will greatly increase the visibility of your complete, facilitate build believability, and build an everlasting relationship along with your audience. professional marketing adviser Brian Honigman explains content selling ideas and edges, then explores a piecemeal approach for organizations of all sizes to succeed with this strategic selling approach.

Brian covers the way to produce a content set up, opt for content sorts, and develop an article calendar. He then explores the way to write, edit, and style content, also as the way to opt for the proper mixture of content and reverend it for optimum impact.

Link: Click Here

Free LinkedIn Certification Courses

LinkedIn has launched its free certification course on “Content & Creative Design”. Once you pass this course, you will be issued a certificate by LinkedIn Labs. Click here to view the LinkedIn Certification Courses.

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