Vidiq vs Tubebuddy 2022

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy 2022

By GrowthSalad

As a YouTuber, if you want to earn big then you got to grow your YouTube channel. Growing a YouTube channel can be a difficult task as you are going to face some tough competition. No matter how unique your content is or how interesting your channel is. You are getting paid for your viewership no matter what you make your content about.

The reason being this a difficult task is that whichever topics you choose for your content, it has already been released or something similar to it has been done. And if you get over all this circumstances, then you are going to need a good viewership from the broad audiences.

This is where many content creators use tools which may be in the form of apps, services etc. to manage and grow their channel. Vidiq and Tubebuddy are the most common amongst them. Vidiq and Tubebuddy are both great SEO tools that you can use for keyword research and grow your channel.

Which One is Better in 2022: Tubebuddy Vs Vidiq?

When it comes to choose the preferable tool among Vidiq and Tubebuddy, it posts some difficult choices. Although, you may get many information from other YouTube channel regarding their use. But it’s their perspective which may or may not be beneficial for others.

Both Vidiq and Tubebuddy have their strengths, especially in the free version, but its worth looking at both platform features in detail to help understand how it can work out for its users;

Keyword Research

After searching your keyword, the side panel that is displayed on your screen for Vidiq shows average and maximum view. Along with that you are also getting information about the top YouTube channel using that keyword and similar keywords.

If you click on your keyword, you are then provided with more detailed tabulation. This mentions your search volume, competition and overall score with additional feature to sort according to the mentioned preferences in Vidiq Pro.

Within the list you are provided with many related keywords. Now this helps you to compare the total searches and scores in the given table and then you may be able to select the best keyword to mention in your YouTube title or in description.

As in the case of Tubebuddy, you get Search Volume, Search Per Month, Competition and overall competitive score directly for the given keyword in the Keyword Score Tab. In Keyword Stat tab, you can see most and least watched and the number of keywords in title, description and tags.

The Keyword explorer is also provided in the web app with similar data to the search explorer. There you are getting all the detailed information just like in Vidiq but you need to click through one by one to know about its performance.

YouTube Video Analysis

Video analysis tools in both Vidiq and Tubebuddy provides you an excellent information regarding your YouTube videos. In Vidiq, you are given numerical data on likes, views and comments you get from that channel. Other than that, you are also provided with Vidiq SEO score and views per hour from which you can figure out whether your content is engaging or not.

Similarly, in Tubebuddy all the common things like views, comments and likes are stated in the summary box. But Tubebuddy has an additional feature to compare these with your competitor therefore, you can figure out what other things you are missing out and how you can improve on it. With addition to it, you are also provided with reference tags that you can use to gain more visibility.

SEO Features

Tubebuddy provides an amazing feature to target viewership around your selected keyword. Go for SEO studio and type your keyword for that particular video. After that you can see your Tubebuddy SEO score for that keyword and below that you can also see that there are some suggestions given to improve your SEO score. After the changes done to your description and thumbnail you can check your things at the Best Practices option given which is considered a vital feature for many Tubebuddy users.

In Vidiq, SEO feature here works little different here. After completing your tags in description and title, you are generally given a score out of five on every aspect on your keywords research like Tags Count, Tag Volume, Keywords in Title etc. And if you move your curser on that you are provided with some tips to improve on the score if it is not satisfactory. From this you can build up your perfect description box and suitable title for your YouTube video.

Demonetization Prevention

Tubebuddy has already this feature that automatically checks that you are following the YouTube recommendations or not. This feature can help a lot to save your video from getting penalised considering your great efforts that are being put to this video. Users can also check for those videos that were penalized and submit it for the review in the double check tool.

Vidiq has the feature for detecting the controversial keywords, words or phrases that does not match YouTube terms and policy and can be inappropriate for the viewers. For example, if you are making a tutorial video on ‘How to shoot stunning shots’ the term “shoot” will be displayed troublesome to you by the Vidiq which can be corrected and put it into the title for the video.


If you want to enhance the best use for both Vidiq and Tubebuddy then it is recommended to invest your money on these tools. Therefore, buying the pro versions of both Vidiq and Tubebuddy can favour you in many ways with the additional essential features which may not be present on the free version.

For the Vidiq, The PRO version starts at $10 per month with smart feature of Search Companion, Post at Your Prime Time and many more additional features to grow your audience. But if you go for the yearly plan, the price reduces to $7.50 per month with 3 months free.

As compared to that, the monthly rate for the Tubebuddy is $9 per month. If you go for the yearly billing then you can get 20% off per month. That means you have to pay now $7.20 per month. If your channel in YouTube is new and you have less than 1000 subscribers, then the yearly plan gets chopped to half meaning you have to pay only $3.60 per month. 

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