Connect HubSpot To Linkedin Lead Gen Forms (2024)

Looking to connect Connect HubSpot To LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms in 2024? Read our blog for details.

A brief info on lead gen forms  – Lead Gen Forms are linked with LinkedIn lead gen ads and are automatically pre-fill in members’ contact and profile information when they click the “Call to Action” button. The LinkedIn lead generation agency can help you to connect to HubSpot.

How do you connect HubSpot to Linked Lead Gen forms?

You can manage and analyze your LinkedIn ads in HubSpot’s ads tool by connecting your LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot. Once you’ve connected, HubSpot will show you and give you reports about all of your ad campaigns.

  • Locate the settings icon in the main navigation bar of your HubSpot account.
  • Find “Marketing” under “Ads” in the menu on the left.
  • Then please click on “Connect account” in the upper right corner.
  • Make sure to choose LinkedIn in the dialogue box.
  • Enter your LinkedIn credentials in the window that pops up. After you’ve reviewed the permissions, click Allow.
  • To link your LinkedIn Ads accounts with HubSpot, just pick them in the dialogue box. Keep the auto-tracking switch turned on if you would like to keep track of contacts that engage with your ads. When you do this, your LinkedIn ads will begin to use HubSpot tracking.
  • To connect, click the button.
  • To sync leads from multiple LinkedIn ad accounts, choose them in the dialogue box. 
  • Hit the “Save” button. 
  • Once connected, you can set up lead capture and syncing options between HubSpot and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

Requirements to connect LinkedIn Ads to HubSpot

  • You can’t link a suspended LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot. Put a linked LinkedIn Ads account on hold, and HubSpot will deactivate it. If your LinkedIn Ads account is currently on hold, HubSpot will display an error message next to it. Verify LinkedIn’s instructions for removing the hold status for more information.
  • For the LinkedIn Ads account connection and the HubSpot Ads tool to work, you must turn off any ad blockers installed on your browser.
  • The user who connects their LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot must have the ability to publish ads in HubSpot.
  • If you want to link your LinkedIn Ads account to HubSpot, you need to be an Account Manager there. Look at the LinkedIn Ads account settings to see who has access:
  • Go to the Manager of Campaigns.
  • Find and click on your LinkedIn Ads profile.
  • Select Account settings > Manage access from the left-hand menu.

In what ways can LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms be advantageous?

  • Efficiency: 

With Lead Gen Forms, you can avoid wasting a tonne of time! They simplify the process of gathering leads from LinkedIn, making it much easier and faster.

  • Streamlined information gathering:

It is considerably easier to gather data when leads approach you rather than the other way around. Plus, you won’t have to type in their contact details by hand because their LinkedIn profile is already filled out.

  • Rough estimates:

There is an immediate connection between each lead’s profile and the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. You can trust that the contact details and data you obtain from LinkedIn are correct, as the company is becoming more stringent with its identification procedures.

  • Qualitative lead: 

You can be certain that you will receive high-quality leads because the contact form is pre-populated with accurate information from their LinkedIn profile.

Looking for a LinkedIn Ads Agency to manage your lead ads? We would be glad to help.

Lead generation forms for LinkedIn: how to make them?

After a brief overview, let’s get into the meat of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms creation and usage. It is really easy to make a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form. Let’s take a look at the process for doing that specifically!

Step 1: Head over to the administrative dashboard of your company.

The ability to create and edit LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms requires Super Admin access to your company page on LinkedIn. When you have that, all you have to do is head over to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Administrator” button.

Step 2: Proceed to the leads area.

  • Now scroll down until you see the “Analytics” tab.
  • To access all of your Lead analytics, go to the “Leads” tab.
  • Choose the “Add lead gen form” option.

Another option is to use the “Edit Page” button located in the left-hand column of your company page to accomplish this same task.

To access the lead generation form, just scroll down to Edit Page > Leads.

Step 3: Make your unique lead-generating form.

After you choose “Add lead gen form,” a template will pop up for you to fill out.

Also, make note that there is a Privacy Policy page on your company’s website. So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Use the drop-down menu to select your desired call-to-action.
  • Permit LinkedIn to use your profile.
  • Use no more than fifty characters for your headline.
  • Use no more than 200 characters for the body of your text.
  • You will be able to view a preview of the lead form at the end.



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