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Looking to test the LinkedIn Lead Generation Form? you are at the right place. Advertisers can collect leads directly from LinkedIn without redirecting users to a landing page using Lead Generation Forms, one of many LinkedIn tools. If you want to know more about LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and how to test them, then this article is for you.

A brief on Lead gen forms on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms allow advertisers to incorporate a personalized form into their ads. Users’ LinkedIn profiles already contain this information in these ads. Advertisers can greatly enhance the user experience in this way. There are fewer fields that users are required to fill out compared to the previous version. With this tool, you can keep users on LinkedIn and away from your website while they fill out your form.

The forms in ads and sponsored content campaigns are available to all advertisers who want to collect lead information. Using them on any campaign is completely up to you. Both new and old campaigns can make use of them. When it comes to LinkedIn-sponsored content and InMail, these forms work with a variety of ads. A LinkedIn lead generation agency can guide you in the process of Lead gen forms.

Testing LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

You should run tests to see if you’re progressing to get the most out of your LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads. Testing your LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads is necessary if you use a CRM or have connected LinkedIn with third-party marketing automation.

For a test run of your LinkedIn Lead Gen form, follow these steps:

  • To begin, access the campaign manager.
  • After you’ve saved the form, go to your account’s settings and look for the campaign group by name.
  • You can access the preview option from the drop-down menu by clicking the manage button and icon on the pop-up.
  • Before you can click “Submit,” make sure you’ve clicked the “Privacy Policy” checkbox and then the preview’s call to action.
  • To return to the “Account Overview Page,” close the preview window and then use the back arrow.
  • To access the Lead Gen Form, go to the Account Assets tab and click on it.
  • Get a CSV file with all the leads downloaded to your device.

The report will have various values, and you’ll be able to see the benefits of True and False. If the lead is True, it is a test lead; if it is False, it is real.

How do LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms work?

When people click on your ads, the Lead Gen Forms get to work. These advertisements are in the form of a form with their profile information already filled in. Before submitting, users should check the information for accuracy.

After the user submits, they will receive a report with all their important details, including personal information (name, email, and address), company information (title, etc.), and job details. Users must easily find and click on a call to action. For example, you can include a “Sign Up” button to initiate the process.

Utilize LinkedIn’s lead generation tool if you operate a business-to-business enterprise. LinkedIn is head and shoulders above the competition regarding social media lead acquisition. The best way to get leads for your business-to-business venture is to have a LinkedIn profile. 

Benefits of Utilizing Lead Generation Forms on LinkedIn

Here are a few of the many benefits of using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms:

  • Fully Mobile-Friendly

Only mobile users can use LinkedIn lead generation forms. Most people use their phones for everything, and many only use them for work. Thus, a mobile-friendly solution is necessary to attract a large audience. Lead Gen forms on LinkedIn connect you to a large audience, increasing leads.

  • Reduces Resistance

Using LinkedIn Lead Gen ads is an excellent strategy to eliminate lead conversion friction. Users can now quickly and easily fill out your forms with the necessary information. They will be fully operational after only a few clicks. 

  • Reverse Conversion

One way to use LinkedIn Gen Ads is to collect email addresses, which can lead to a second conversion. When people initially see your call to action or sign up, this is when it happens. If you want to turn them into paying customers, the next step is to send them to your website or landing page.

Advantages of LinkedIn for BtoB Lead Generation

There are additional advantages to using LinkedIn Lead Generation for B2B lead generation. Here are a few advantages that we can examine:

In comparison to other social media sites, LinkedIn is unique. Professionals only, whether hiring, seeking employment, or just wanting to network, will find what you need here. With this in mind, LinkedIn is something other than an entertainment app that helps limit its user base. To ensure that your LinkedIn Lead Gen Ad reaches only people truly interested in it, all the leads generated by the platform are of the highest quality. The B2B Lead Generation Agency will provide the best assistance with it.


You learn how to maximize your options from the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form campaigns, one of the biggest things. You can boost your ROI, conversion rate, and brand recognition with the help of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, making them an excellent choice for B2B leads. Advertisers should maximize lead generation forms and boost campaign performance while considering these benefits.

Looking for a LinkedIn Marketing Agency to take care of your B2B initiatives, we would be glad to help you.

About Author: With extensive B2B Marketing experience, I specialize in driving client success across diverse industries through targeted B2B and LinkedIn marketing strategies. Having collaborated with clients from various sectors, I bring a client-centric approach, fostering lasting partnerships based on trust and tangible results. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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