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Our team of experts has helped business owners in achieving their business goals.

We offer end to end digital marketing solutions to clients & have built many success stories.

SEO Services

The term SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. This is a key for any business to increase visibility on Google Search. Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow helps your website grow in a way that it reaches a wider audience & gain Google Search rankings over time.

We present your content in a well-structured way for good readability and user retention.

Some of the points that are required for SEO are:

  • Industry – We deep dive into the industry and do competitive research to gain a better understanding. This paves a path to define SEO strategy for a particular business.
  • SEO Audit – Once we are done with domain/industry research, we perform a detailed SEO audit to identify website errors & warnings. We first focus on resolving critical website errors – having a direct impact on SEO & then we move towards lower priority warnings & errors.
  • Keyword Research – We analyze relevant domain related keywords and target them either through publishing blogs or through optimizing existing website content.
  • User Intent – We study the mindset of the people based on the keyword research & our experience & channelize our SEO efforts in that direction.
  • Our Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow helps the client gain high-quality backlinks which help them in gaining authority over time & subsequently improves rankings in Google Search results.
  • Analytics and Reporting- Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow helps the client in reporting SEO related metrics and data from time to time so that

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow helps in optimizing Title tags, headings, metadata, URL structure, internal linking etc as a part of On-Page Optimization.

Along with the above-given points, there are multiple ways to set up the off-page SEO right. One way is to gain high-quality backlinks through outreach efforts.

Sometimes good content gains organic backlinks which are termed natural backlinks to a business.

Social Media Management

The majority of customers are active on social media platforms. These platforms were meant for entertainment but time has changed & people are shopping on these platforms.

Therefore, business owners take the help of a dedicated digital marketing agency capable of writing thoughtful content and engaging users on social media handles.

Below are the platforms that have shown some huge spikes in terms of growth of business mentioned below:

  • Facebook: With more than 2 billion users, this platform has more than 50% of adult users aged more than 18. From the social media management point of view, it can be used to establish a strong relationship with the customer who is searching for similar services. If they are provided with vital keys by the post or messages, it can be a long-term effect on them bringing you some loyal dealings.
  • Instagram: You might be familiar with the concept of this social site. According to the reports, it has shown that people between 18-30 years of age are active on Instagram. Many of those are seeking such opportunities or services a company has to offer. Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow helps the client with Instagram marketing through Reels and thoughtful engaging graphics.
  • Twitter: Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow helps in writing tweets on domain-related topics & utilizing trending opportunities on Twitter. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, this social media site focuses more on the news that is provided. Many pages are being followed by people who want to gain information about several topics. Therefore, the key to grabbing that attention is to make eye-catching and informatory posts that can be easily understandable.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most professional site among all the other platforms. Many of its users are engaged in several related fields & topics. Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow helps clients with LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. We help clients with Lead generation on LinkedIn & LinkedIn Company Page Management.
  • YouTube: You can use videos that feature your products & service offerings. You can now place advertisements in between videos or also make use of YouTube Shorts just like you have used in Insta Reels. We help clients with video editing, creating eye-catchy thumbnails & performing SEO on YouTube videos.
  • Pinterest: Depending on your marketing strategy, Pinterest could be beneficial for you for DIY and Ideas. The content you are posting has to be attractive and informative enough to satisfy the needs of customers so that they will pin it in their dashboard.

Website Design and Development

Website Design is generally related to the overall look of the design that includes the colour combination, fonts etc. Whereas in website development, the developers focus on the functioning of the site by generating links within the site writing codes for the processes. What users see is the designing and what they don’t is development.

At present, you might be aware of the importance of the website that is now indeed required by almost every firm and company. This has been the first and foremost part of Digital Marketing that you are going to start.

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow has studied how a great website can impact overall sales in the business. Many big firms hire professional web developers and designers or they outsource their web design & development to a Digital Marketing Firm.

Websites are accessible to everyone virtually and customers can browse a range of products and services perks without physically visiting the store. Therefore, in the online era, having your website up to date is essential.

As for marketing purposes here are the few elements essential in your website:

  1. Layout:

This includes how you place the contents on your site. The placement of your headings and subheadings is the key to having catchy content. Additionally, you can now use photos to optimize the space because all written contents might be boring for many customers which can produce problems for engagement. Focus on the spacing between the wordings to make your content clear.


  1. Visual Hierarchy:

If any user visits your site, then he should be able to get all the information that he is been enquiring about. Consider it a success if any user can figure out how to browse your site. This feat can be achieved by using a perfect visual hierarchy that is now been used in multiple Digital Marketing Companies in Lucknow.


  1. Navigation:

Navigation in a website could help a lot for fellow users who are visiting your site for the first time. To navigate, there should be options available like a search bar, menus etc. to help for ease in access on what they are looking for it. Without this, there might be chances that the user will leave the site and try out another one.


  1. Colour:

It is not necessary to always put some bright or dark colours on your website. Remember it is a digital platform and not a restaurant, you have to use such colours that are comfortable for the users to read your content. It could vary depending on what services you are offering on your website.

Along with these, there are other factors like accessibility and speed that determines how much time any user will spend. Therefore, Our Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow have been making such websites that are accessible for its users and also operates at a good pace.

Email Marketing

The use of email marketing has increased and given some positive outcomes regarding the business that are meant to be taken online. Sending emails is considered a more professional way for marketing on the top level.

Today billions of users have an email account and almost all of them checks their inbox every morning to get news regarding their work.

This is not because of the feeds they check usually but the trust and simplicity a mail has laid such a foundation for your company.

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow helps clients with emails marketing – cold and warm emails.

We also help clients in designing recurring newsletters to the audience who might be interested or have enrolled in your website. Sending newsletters is a more clever approach as you are providing them with the information on what is going on at present inside the company, their offers and the newest schemes.

To make your email marketing more effective you should follow some basic rules:

  1. Build a relationship with users

If users are signing up on your website for an email subscription, then it is good news for a business to build a good relationship with potential customers.

More than anything, the customers who have shown trust in website/business & wants them to be valued and heard. Sending them targeted emails regarding plans and special offers for enrolled users can strengthen the relationship with users.

  1. Optimize emails for Mobile phones too

You may think this might not be a necessary point in email marketing, but such small steps can drive huge impacts. Instead of opening emails on PC, many customers prefer them seeing on their mobile phones.

Almost every individual in across the country uses their mobile phones as they are easier to open and to send emails regarding that there are few things that you should keep in mind:

  • Use short paragraphs to state about the services
  • If you are using some links and photos, then make sure that they are visible and large enough for mobile users to click on them.
  • Include the option to make a call with the firms in case they wanted to know more about the services or put links to your official websites.
  1. Make use of trigger-based campaigns

Trigger-based campaign means immediately sending mails regarding the activity done on the company’s website, for example, you can:

  • Send a welcome mail if any new user enrols on your website.
  • Send mails regarding the discount codes and their validity date.
  • Send the receipt through the mails if any purchase is done on the website.
  1. Personalize Communication

Personalization in emails makes your customers feel special. The idea of giving priority to them is something that can cause some long-lasting relationships and could even attract other customers. Referring to the leads that you have generated, you can start with:

  • Wishing them on their birthdays through the mail.
  • Send a thank-you note from the board directors while celebrating anniversaries for your companies.
  • If the customer has some plans send them the newest offers that can help them in future.
  • Information is the key, always reminds them about the dates that they have enrolled or joined on your website on a professional level.

These are some practically applied strategies used by our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow to gain the trust of their customers and able to hold them throughout the decade.

Google Ads

Our Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow helps the client with running successful Google Ads Campaigns.

Google ads is a massive platform to reach users who use google to gain information regarding several businesses, products & services. Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow has brought up some amazing marketing teams for this platform and helping clients across various domains.

Google Ads can boost your company sales by the benefits that are given below:

  • Increasing leads and customers

As it is mentioned earlier, leads are important for any service business to grow. Our digital marketing company in Lucknow helps clients with quality leads.


  • Flexibility in an online marketing platform

Google Ads are essential as the ads are now available on almost every site that has a partnership with Google. Such Ads are specialized in grabbing people’s attention and increasing the chances of people clicking onto them.


  • Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are specially designed for e-commerce stores. The majority of e-commerce stores are harnessing benefits with this type of Ad format.


  • Targeted Customers

As a businessman, while going on to the digital platform it needs a great response and the users that worth the services that are being offered here. If the customer the similar ads about which they are googling into the internet, there are the chances of increasing the traffic by such customers.


Digital Marketing is a not trend now but has become a necessity for almost every business to increase their sales.

Our Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow will be more than happy to help you steer & unclutter the marketing strategy needed for your business.

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