The future is Digital Marketing : Digital Marketing Strategy in 2022

Of the MANY things that the Covid-19 has taught us over the past about two years now, one of the most pertinent one is the importance of a digital presence and a well designed digital marketing strategy in 2022.

We have seen and experienced the disruptive effects that the pandemic had had across businesses and industries across the globe.

While the world sought shelter-in-place and many businesses reached the verge of bankruptcy, those ahead of the curve with a decent digital presence like well-designed and functional websites, proper tools to-do business, a decent social media presence for instance a working strategy for LinkedIn Marketing, Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads, strategy for the Sales Navigator, etc. were able to dodge a lot if the negative impacts that the pandemic doused over the world.

Heading into 2022, business re-review their strategies, lay down frameworks to chart-out an outlook and guidance for the coming year.

“Data driven research from Statista shows that the digital advertising spent worldwide amounted to 335.6 billion USD, which despite the Covid-19 uncertainty, steadily increased to 378.16 billion U.S. dollars in 2020 and stood at all time high of 455.3 billion USD in 2021! “

So, amid all the unpredictability, largest economies of the world completely closing and ‘brutal’ layoffs – there was one thing the businesses worldwide were very sure of – Their investment into digital marketing.

Be it businesses completely revising their incumbent strategies like the shift of physical touring with a broker or leasing agent to virtual touring and self-guided tours of the property in the real estate world.

Or even enhancing their existing social media presence and increasing focus towards their branding and engagement with customers and/or businesses.

As mutated variants keep rearing their ugly heads and we continue to understand how effective the vaccines in the long term for the newer variants are while the medical infrastructure is still toiling hard to find permanent and effective solution, there is ONLY ONE THING we are sure of – which is the only way to grow your business.

A Good Digital Marketing Strategy

And that is a good digital marketing strategy which encompasses all the relevant platforms for your specific business needs – be it Facebook and Instagram marketing, LinkedIn Marketing & LinkedIn Lead generation, Google Ads, Twitter management, YouTube Ads, or Instagram account management and advertising, app development, Website design and development and subsequent SEO (search engine optimization).

Remaining ahead of the curve is always beneficial to not only grow your business and retain customer trust by meeting their demands but also TO BE FOUND and thereby leaving your competition behind.

And, to achieve this you need to plan and work on a proper digital marketing strategy that is tailored and customized to fit your business, services, and product needs. Be where your customers are!

One size does not fit all and therefore we recommend consulting a digital marketing agency to discuss your digital marketing goals, social median expectations and what would you want to achieve from the engagement the start of the engagement.

This will eliminate the chances of wasteful expenditure and time loss. It will also show you the correct result and the massive potential of the solid digital marketing strategy.

Digital channel makes your brand discovery easier while also taking the audience reach to a whole new level. Wider audience reach via a combination of appropriate digital channels is a digital asset for any brand.

Also, the tone, brand messaging, communication and how you engage is becoming all the more important as people spend more time on the internet. The right combination of all the above is sure to increase your brand awareness and following and hence in turn the business and revenue.

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